Inspiring Ideas: Summer!

It's almost summer!!! Well, school's almost out for summer, I should say (7 days but who's counting?). Temperatures around here are already screaming summer! Everyone is already swimming, going to the lake, and generally just ready to be outta school!!!

A Muse has some great summer images and it's time to get them out!

Check out the new Cobalt blue paper. Ooh la la. I thought A Muse had all the blues covered but this one is SO PRETTY. All of these images and papers are available at your LSS today! Don't have an LSS close to you, well then head on over to

I have four cards to show you today. I am still working on teacher gifts. I know, hard to believe, eh? Well, I think this set of 4 gift enclosure cards will make a nice little gift. Right?

DSC_0776 (Small)

Supplies: A Muse fishing hat, fishing pole, relax it's your day; A Muse Cobalt blue papers, wood grain paper

Love this blue. Oh my.

DSC_0777 (Small)
A Muse tiny bee, mini flower, long grass, have a bee-tiful day; A Muse Lime paper

DSC_0778 (Small) 

A Muse mini fishes, seaweed, fintastic day; A
Muse Cobalt paper

DSC_0779 (Small)
A bird on a wire,one of my favorite peep,A
Muse Cloud paper, papaya paper

This week is absolutely insane. I can't even keep track of all that is happening. One day at a time and hopefully I won't forgot to do something! Egads.

Happy Monday. It's one of my best friend's birthday's today. Happy Birthday, Sharon! And also to our Aunt Janie. Happy Birthday!

Now, be sure to check out the rest of the muses and also the A Muse News for MORE inspiring ideas!


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