Texas Tuesday – cheating? maybe…

1. I missed Texas Tuesday 2 weeks ago… It was the Last Day of School EVE and my head was spinning off. My apologies to my Texas friends and to all of you!

2. I *almost* missed today's edition… um, due to lack of whatthehecktodo 🙂

So, here's how the story goes…

You know the word association game? Well, I asked my 8 year-old (he *just* turned 8 last week… I need to show you the invites! ;)) what is the first thing he thinks about when I said the word "Texas" (secretly hoping his answer would be "LONGHORNS", of course! but um, no.). His response Wakeboarding. HUH? WHAT? Oh I get it. Sorta.

We bought a boat last week. Yeah, it's been in the works for OVER A YEAR. By works I mean we've looked, we've shopped, we've said no a bunch of times and then a couple of weeks ago… BAM. The right boat, the right situation, etc. etc. and we have a boat. It's a good thing my inlaws live on a lake 😉 So, this past weekend, my 8 yr old, tried his hand (and face!) at wakeboarding behind our boat. It was his first time and he ate a bunch of water and is now ready to go out again!

So, what does this have to do with Texas Tuesdays? Texas Tuesday is supposed to be some creation that is inspired by our great state of Texas. Well, Texas to me is about HOT. It's about no Spring and no Fall and being at the lake from Easter to Thanksgiving and if we're lucky on Christmas Day, too. It's about margaritas and boats and swimming and bbq and LIVE MUSIC and flip flops and yes, wildflowers, too. So, my creation below is a LEAP, I know but I hope that you can see how my inspiration came about and that it "fits" the Texas Tuesday model. It probably doesn't but I'm gonna say it does! Until I talk to Libby… 🙂

DSC_1280 (Small) all images and papers by A Muse Artstamps

Okay, I hope you've enjoyed my Texas Tuesday. Be sure to check out
the other Texans:



Mark Jetton (of Deadbeat Designs!)


Y'all come back, ye hear… ha ha ha… just had to say something Texan.


3 thoughts on “Texas Tuesday – cheating? maybe…

  1. Heehee! I like it! I am not a beach or water person other than fishing. And for us, Thanksgiving in Texas means a cabin in the woods near a lake so we can all go fishing. Sooo, I get it Geeta. And yall don’t be surprised if a Cabin with smoke coming out of the chimney doesn’t show up on one of my Tues-Steps. :O)

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