amuse-bouche – winter critters, the Holiday and more!

Today's post is about the A*Muse*A*Palooza's winter critters except mine isn't (doesn't have any critters in it!). Mine is all about snow. Those of us down here in Texas don't see much snow. That's a given, right? Well, I grew up in Canada. I saw plenty of snow – so much that I don't ever want to live somewhere that has it on a regular basis. But I do like the looks of it. And so my card creations are of those things that I like to look at… but not necessarily live with. HA! CSCC#87 - The

This card also fits the Cinema Saturday Challenge this week – the movie The Holiday. This is another movie I  really liked. I really like the snowy, Christmas-y look of England (hence this card). Jack Black seemed like an unusual choice for his role but whatever. It's a cute movie.


I love this AP image – snowladen tree. I will use it a lot, I'm sure.  Quickie glue pen and a bit of glitter and it's all sparkly! All of these AP images are available at participating AP stores – here in Texas, you may find them at Memory Depot in Austin and Stamp Antonio in San Antonio!

Tomorrow I'm participating in the Alphabet Walk over on One Sydney Road! Come back and see what that's all about.


3 thoughts on “amuse-bouche – winter critters, the Holiday and more!

  1. GREAT CARD!!! I love how delicate and sweet your card is.. GREAT sentiment… Great snow effect on the top of the cards… Glad it’s not winter here… LOL
    Thanks for playing

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