Texas Tuesday – Little Dude.

It's time again for Texas Tuesday! Feel free to play along – just leave a comment or send me an email and we'll get you hooked in for the next round. We (the Texas Tuesday Team) create something inspired by this great state of ours every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

I have to admit… I'm thinking I'm not doing this challenge justice. Here's my problem. When most people think of Texas… they think of cowboy boots, horses, yeehaw, howdy and all that. Me. Not so much. I've been in this great state since I was 11. And when I was moving down here from Canada, one of my childhood friends asked me if I knew how to ride a horse and if I was going to ride a horse to go to school. Ah, innocence. It's something, isn't it?

Problem is I've never thought of Texas as the cowboy, boot-sootin', country place… and I grew up in a small Texas town and my brother even helped out the Debonaires for 8 years (local C/W band – do you know them?). So, what do I think of when I think of Texas. I dunno. Still working on that. Hence, why I am struggling with this challenge.

So what did I make for Texas Tuesday? Well, a card with a cowboy and a horse on it, of course. Sigh.

DSC_0476 (Small)

supplies: images and ribbon by A Muse Artstamps; cuttlebug embossing folder; signo gel pen; foam tape – card size 4 bar; paper by A Muse, Stampin' Up!, and LCI papers

There you have it. The good thing is that this challenge is making me "work" … I'll figure out what inspires me here in this great state I call home. (right now – it would be a card showing me cutting down all the BLEEPING cedar (juniper) trees in a 100 mile radius of me – it wouldn't be pretty. If you're not from here… google cedar fever texas and you'll see… awful, awful stuff).

Happy Texas Tuesday! Check out the Texas crew and see what they have to say:









9 thoughts on “Texas Tuesday – Little Dude.

  1. Such an cute card!!!! Love the embossed stars and the bright primary colors. I remember a while back you did a card of bluebells. Definitely, a Texas theme without the “yeehaw.” Although Tennessee is a much smaller state than Texas, it is definitely divided into 3 distinctive sections. It would be very challenging to represent the entire state with 1 theme.

  2. I love the card! So sweet for a little boy birthday! I’m afraid I’m one of those natives with that cowboy mindset. Grew up here, riding horses when I was 5 years old, and even owned my own horse for a while as a kid. I’ve traveled a lot and had people ask me if there is an oil well in my backyard, how big is my ranch, and all sorts of things. I guess it’s that Texas mystique. We do live in a great state and there’s a lot more here now than back in the cowboy days. So don’t let it worry you. Just enjoy being here.

  3. Great card Geeta. I too need to get outside the cowboy/horse mindset at times. I feel your pain about cedar. I feel horrible right now, all stuffy and achy. Too bad there’s not a song about cedars cedars go away.

  4. Geeta – I agree with you. When I think of Texas, I don’t think horses and cowboys, but … making Texas cards twice a month …leads me to do some cards with horses and cowboys! Your card is very cute. I love it. Great job!

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