Happily Ever After…

The 2nd grade at my son's elementary school puts on a fairy tale program every year. Last year, when my son was in 2nd, it was called "Once upon a shortcut". It was super cute. All the kids dress up in fairy tale costumes and have speaking parts and sing lots of great songs like Brick House and Witchy Woman.

Anyway, this year's 2nd grade had their program today, called "Happily Ever After". Tuesday night while I was cleaning up my studio for the millionth time, I was putting away my new lawn fawn stamps and found this one, perfectly named "Happily Ever After". Well, I had to make my son's teacher (from last year) a card … it was just too perfect. Don't you think? I wanted to wish all the 2nd graders and their teachers well or break a leg as they say…

DSC_0807 (Small)

Get it? Maybe it's only funny to me. 🙂

I got to see the show this morning. The kids were so cute and they all did a great job. I always love the music choices! Here's wishing you a happily ever after…

Hope your day is grand.




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