It’s that time again… gifts for volunteers!

I love making gifts for people, especially volunteers. My son's school has such great volunteers. They come out in droves whenever needed. It's truly heartwarming to see so many work so hard to help education and the children. I was googling (is that a legal verb yet?) for different quotes the other day and came across many that I liked… in fact, 2 of them I had made into stamps 🙂 More about that later. One that I found that I liked (but didn't get a stamp made) was this one: Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.
Now, that it is Spring and there are less than SEVEN weeks of school left (YAY! So ready for the summer!), our school starts winding down at the same time that we are gearing up for next year. The PTA puts on an open house to welcome any parents that might be interested in checking out our school. We have a Q & A panel comprised of a teacher, the principal, and the PTA President. We like to give them a little something for doing that "extra" job for our open house.

Enter Accucut to the rescue! I love this portfolio die. I have to thank my A Muse sister, Meghan Fahey, for using it on her blog and making me have to buy it! It holds 8 cards and envelopes. The size I have holds 4 bar cards. I love that size. Perfect for gift giving.

I pulled out my Accucut Texture Plates to use on these. I hadn't used them in a long time (almost forgot I had them ;)). It's a bit hard to see but the pattern is called "Leaf". So easy to use!

I wanted to keep to a black and white theme and used some of my retired A Muse stamps.

Wholepackage (Small)
Wholepackage (Small)  
Wholepackage (Small)

I hope they liked it. I know I had fun making them. I am thankful for all they do for my son's school :).

Happy Friday!

ETA – Just found out about the Moxie Fab challenge: "The Card Sets Challenge". Please join me in playing along! How fun. I love to give card sets as gifts. But you probably already knew that!




9 thoughts on “It’s that time again… gifts for volunteers!

  1. Hi Reita, The border is actually black cardstock. It’s white (stamped with flowers), then black on the the white portfolio (or cards). I just cut the black CS to be 1/8″ bigger than the white base. It’s hard to see that in the photo. Glad you like them. They are QUICK and still nice to give as a gift! Thanks for your comments!

  2. Is the border around the card and portfolio a stamp or did you do that from the computer and them stamp the flowers and initials separate? I love these cards!!!! You do great work!!

  3. Hey Geeta! Thanks for linking these up to the Card Set Challenge in the Moxie Fab World in celebration of 350 Cards & Gifts Week! Good luck in the random drawing! 🙂

  4. What a beautiful gift, Geeta! And I love the texture you put on the portfolio — it adds a lot to the design. In case anyone is wondering about the AccuCut products they can find the portfolio die at and the leaf texture plate at,906.html. Love that A Muse stamp too. I’ll have to track that down somewhere even though it is retired.

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