Week of the Young Child.

This past week, April 10-16, was Week of the Young Child. My son's preschool celebrates this week by inviting parents into the gym at drop-off or pick-up to create a handmade card for your child. The card is then delivered to the child's classroom and displayed for your child to see.

Okay, so, probably only my fellow stamping sisters out there will truly understand the pain this week causes me. 😮 Don't get me wrong. The idea is wonderful! The displays are awesome! It's me. Imagine walking into the gym… construction paper, glitter and glue everywhere and foam stickers too. I can't create like that. Or even attempt to make anything. Complete and total shutdown of anything creative. Anything. Then comes the stress of making something. You have to make something. Your child is waiting at the receiving end. I am awful at creating on the spot without my stuff. Sounds snotty, I know. It's not supposed to… it really is stressful. Maybe I need a therapy group. So, 2 years ago (remember this is year SEVEN of preschool), I decided to stop stressing myself out and just make a card at home. The bottom line is the boy needs a card. That's it. It goes into his folder at the end of the year and comes home. Great. A constant reminder of the artwork I made him. Forever in his scrapbook. Sigh. Stress. It's a bleeping card for pete's sake. Anyone out there understand how I can't create on the spot and w/o my stuff? Silly, yes.

Anyhow, here's this year's card. Nothing spectacular but my son loves it. He loves blue. He loves stars. And well, he's still young enough to think glitter is cool for boys. Ssh… don't tell him about the scalloped card ;). It's another Accucut die… it's called convertible #2 and you can put various shapes in the middle to make cut out windows, like this star. The yellow cardstock is glitter cardstock from Best papers. Love that stuff.


Earlychildweek (Small)
Happy Early Child Week! And thanks for listening to my inner voice scream…



2 thoughts on “Week of the Young Child.

  1. It’s good to see you (and your awesome cards) online again! I’ve never heard of Best paper before – where do you get it?

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