A bucket o’ gift cards…

Recently, my neighbors got together to help another family in the 'hood out by collecting gift cards to a local grocery store. I wanted to present them in a fun, spring-y way. And perhaps actually use up some of the stuff I already have. Ha (that'll be the day.).

I do have a surplus of those $ spot Target tins. Who doesn't? 🙂

Arielview (Small)

Arielview (Small)Arielview (Small) Arielview (Small)I had this vision in my head that the gift cards would be held with some sorta clips things or maybe coming out like flowers out of the tin.  Well, the first attempt was to use pipe cleaners and clothespins for stems and grabbers. That didn't work though. The gift card was too heavy to keep the "stem" straight! On to plan B… I liked the idea of the clipping thing… aka clothes pins. So then I stuck them all around the tin just to figure out what to do next. Hey, those could work as the holder-uppers and the grabber things (such technical terms, I know!). Okay, but these are boring old brown/tan/regular clothes pins. Hmm. How to paint them? And quickly (because I lack patience). Took out all my acrylic paints and quickly started to lose interest on this project. Told you I lack patience. 🙂 Oh, wait, here are my son's DOT markers. Yep, I used those and covered those boring pins and made some bright ones QUICKLY. Only weird thing was that the PURPLE really comes out PINK. ??? Hmm. Stuck the pins on with a glue dot on the outside… just enough to hold the pin up. Added ribbons to the handle and some packaging/grass stuff to the inside. Then the outside needed something quick. Accucut layering flower die to the rescue. Again, I used some Best Creations glitter paper (yellow) left over from my son's card earlier. That cardstock is awesome. I love that the glitter doesn't come off like other glitter papers/cardstock do.

Hope you like this little creation. It was fun to make something colorful and springy/summery. It was even more fun to give it away.

Hope you are having a great weekend! 

ETA – Just found out about the Moxie Fab challenge: The Gift Card Holder Challenge. Please join me in playing along!


2 thoughts on “A bucket o’ gift cards…

  1. Thanks for linking this up to the Gift Card Holder Challenge in the Moxie Fab World in celebration of 350 Cards & Gifts Week! Good luck in the random drawing! 🙂

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