The Oak Hill Fires & Our Teacher.

You may have seen this on the national news. Wildfires spread very close to home last Sunday. In fact many of my son's school community was affected. It is a sad, sad event. My son's 3rd grade teacher lives in that area. Her garden was lost by flying embers. Luckily, her husband saw the fire and caught it before it took their house. Had they evacuated (as they were supposed to), they would have lost their house. Anyway, our class loves our teacher and decided to get her some plants and new seeds to replant her garden. Some of us decided to get her a gift card to a local nursery (the Natural Gardener) because some of us (ME!) are not gardening types and wouldn't have the first clue as to what to get her that is in season, that she likes, that works in our climate, yadda yadda yadda. Now, being the paper crafter I am, I *had* to present the class gift card somehow, right? 🙂 Here it is… another Accucut die to make this card (card and envelope). I swear I do use my Accucut everyday. Well, everyday that I craft. The flower is the flower die (#28) I used the other day.

DSC_0821 (Small)

Glad that the fires are out. Thankful that no one lost their life. Thoughts are with those families that lost their homes and those that have so much to deal with. Be careful out there. It is mighty dry.


2 thoughts on “The Oak Hill Fires & Our Teacher.

  1. Geeta,
    We watched the C130’s and helicopters attend to the fire as we were driving to the airport, leaving last Sunday. So grateful that your son’s teacher’s house was spared. Darling card! Hoping you get a little rain to help with the dryness there.

  2. very thoughtful of you Geeta. So sorry to hear about the fires. We tend to get them often out here and it’s always heartbreaking. Also kills my allergies. I hope things are improving

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