This didn’t turn out how I imagined.

I was going for a gift card holder type of card. I got that but not exactly what I envisioned. That ever happen to you? I like the end result but I was thinking it would be "more" girly somehow (It was the stamp set I chose). In fact, my youngest just walked in as I'm writing this and saw the photo and said "that's a *cute* card". So, now I *know* it's not girly.

DSC_0812 (Small) outside.

DSC_0812 (Small) inside.

I recently went to a SU! party that a friend had. I hadn't been to one since I was a demostrator a few years back. It was fun. But I certainly don't need any more stamp sets. I did get some paper… love some of those colors (not shown here ;)). Well, I got enough stuff to get a SAB set. I used one of those stamps on the front of my card. The inside has a pocket (to hold the gift card) and the birthday cake image on the insert is from Savvy Stamps, I think. To make such a quick pocket card, I used my A2 Card Pocket Die from Accucut.

That's it from here. Lots of crafting to be done as school is trying to wind down. Got the last parts to the teacher's gifts today. Maybe I can crank those out soon. Who. Am. I. Kidding?

Hope all is well with you.






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