End of School Teacher Gifts!

My oldest has exactly 1 month left of school. I'm not sure who is more ready for summer, he or I. But first, teacher gifts. I've been collecting the "stuff" for teacher gifts for almost a month now. I knew what I wanted to make but I had to find all the stuff first. And I had to start early because I'm hoping to give 20 of these out this year. It's our last year at preschool and we'll miss many of the great teachers there and well, my son's elementary school is like my 2nd home.

So, here it is… it's a little summer package to wish the teachers a happy one:

DSC_1005 (Small)
The contents include: Margarita Mix (YEAH!), chocolate (Of course!), lip balm SPF 30, mango scented hand santizer, lotion, and sunscreen! Teachers work so hard – I hope they get some time this summer to just relax. Hardest thing to find was the Margarita Mix! Thank goodness for Spec's!

The container is made from another Accucut die, called bag & tuck close #2. It is the largest bag/box die I own. It is very tall and could hold a small bottle of something. I like that! 😉

Now that I have one done, the other 19 should be a breeze, right? Heh heh.

Have a great week!



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