Keep your glass away from me!


I am a HUGE fan of glass etching. And well, I found this new blog, How Does She, where she had done some glass etching on some teacher gifts using her Silhouette. HELLO. OMG. I can do that. In fact, I copied her idea almost exactly except that my vase was a different size!

So, first, the story of why I made this (for some reason I have to have a "why"!). My son's elementary school principal gives out "Birthday Pencils" to the kids at school when it's there birthday. Well, everytime I met with her I'd look at that container she had and think "I'm going make her something else". Never knew what I wanted to do until now. Only downside is that it's glass but it looks cool so hopefully that will make up for it!

DSC_0924 (Small)

DSC_0926 (Small)

It was SO easy to glass etch with the silhouette. Oh my! Now, I can't stop looking at glass stuff at every store I go into and think about how I can etch it!

Now, what else can I make?


TE Blast from the Past Blog Hop: Old Glory!

This month's Taylored Expressions Blast from the Past Blog Hop theme is "Old Glory". Make a card using Red, White, and Blue. While I think that is a great color combo and very appropriate for this time of year, I find it HARD to use. Always have I suppose.

Here's my card:

DSC_0928 (Small)

I used Taylored Expressions Feelin' Groovy set. The peace signs are white embossed although they look more ivory in this photo! Hard to decide what I think about this card. I like it but the colors aren't me, especially Red. So what do you think?

Wow, a whole month has gone by since my last post! Sheesh. Here's a quick recap: Preschool ended (forever), 3rd Grade ended, both boys are on the neighborhood swim team and it's SUMMER. I have been crafting along the way. Just need to post those pictures!!! Remind me, would ya? Thanks.

Be sure to check out all the great inspiration for this blog hop for Old Glory below!

Have a great day!