Keep your glass away from me!


I am a HUGE fan of glass etching. And well, I found this new blog, How Does She, where she had done some glass etching on some teacher gifts using her Silhouette. HELLO. OMG. I can do that. In fact, I copied her idea almost exactly except that my vase was a different size!

So, first, the story of why I made this (for some reason I have to have a "why"!). My son's elementary school principal gives out "Birthday Pencils" to the kids at school when it's there birthday. Well, everytime I met with her I'd look at that container she had and think "I'm going make her something else". Never knew what I wanted to do until now. Only downside is that it's glass but it looks cool so hopefully that will make up for it!

DSC_0924 (Small)

DSC_0926 (Small)

It was SO easy to glass etch with the silhouette. Oh my! Now, I can't stop looking at glass stuff at every store I go into and think about how I can etch it!

Now, what else can I make?


5 thoughts on “Keep your glass away from me!

  1. Etching is VERY addicting! I’ve done a ton of projects (using my cricut). I made a wedding gift using a shadow box frame from Hobby Lobby.
    Thanks for sharing the link to the blog… always can use some inspiration.

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