Teacher Appreciation Week 2012

Hello? Anyone out there? Yeah, it's me. Maybe I should re-introduce myself, eh?

So, as many of you probably know and experienced, this past week was Teacher Appreciation Week. My boys are very fortunate to have awesome teachers this year. In fact, they are very blessed with all the teachers they have had.

One of the gifts that I made from the whole class is this dollar plant (one for each teacher). I've done something similar before and CASED the idea from Jenn a long time ago.


I used my Silhouette machine to cut all the flowers and letters. There are 21 kids in each class and 21 flowers. They actually spell something with the teacher's name in it. It's hard to read but you can see it if you look from the top!

The $1 bills are the leaves. Pots from Michaels.

DSC_0024 (Small)
Hope all is well in your world. Busy here, as I'm sure you are too. School is out in 2 1/2 weeks! YAY for summer vacation. I'm ready…



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