Sending a smile to camp…

SarahcardHow is it that July is more than half over? Summer is supposed to be my stamping season. Ha.

My oldest son's friend asked me to send her mail while she was away at camp a few weeks ago. Sounded like fun and I'm really working on trying to make cards AND send them. That always seems to be the issue.

My birthday was Tuesday and for my birthday, I decided I was going to clean up my studio. My studio has been buried for about a year under stuff. It has been the collect all for everything in our house. Last night, I actually started cleaning it out. I have 3 work surfaces in there and almost all three now have a space for working. Imagine that? Mind you, I've made stuff in the past year but it's been in a small work area that is usually on the floor or the dining room table. Sad. But now I've made progress. Just gotta keep it up. And find some stamping mojo somewhere too. 

Anyway, here is my card that I send her at camp. She was thrilled to get mail. Aren't we all? The card is orange and yellow and bright and happy. Get it? Happy. Not my greatest work but it made a 10 year-old smile. Mission accomplished.

Hopefully, more stuff coming soon. I really do have stuff to post. 

Stamps by Unity Stamp Co. 


2 thoughts on “Sending a smile to camp…

  1. Super cute! I love that you said summer is your stmaping season, mine too! I can’t believe I missed your birthday, grr!!! Hope it was fun! 🙂

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