I am trying to start again. The boys have gone back to school again and I was not ready. Life seems to be going to fast.  They are now in 2nd and 6th grade. Yes, that would be middle school. Wow. I remember 6th grade… I moved to the US at the beginning of 6th grade. Anyway, back to starting again…

I crafted some this summer and as I did I reminded myself that I really enjoy it and need to keep doing it as a stress reliever and well because it is fun. So I am restarting… Here on WordPress instead of typepad. Thanks for following me.

My 7 yr old has the same 2nd grade teacher that my older one had. And I love her. Love her. She makes school fun and everyone wants to go to school everyday! She is smart too… She gives table points for good behavior and at the end of the week, if your table has more than a certain number of points, you get to pick a treat outta the treat jar. Great motivation!

Well I had to decorate up the treat jar…



Easy project… Cut the words and dots from vinyl on my silhouette machine. My silhouette has become a great friend these days. I’ll have to show you some more things it has made soon.


Hope you have a Fan”tache”tic Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We joined in the mustache craze for valentine’s day. I found some great printables that made life just a tad bit easier. My 5th grader was having issues saying “would you be my valentine?” this year since I think it means something competely different than it does for 1st graders! My 1st grader was insistant that his did say “Will you be my valentine?”.

Thanks to Plum Adorable for her free printables and clever play on “mustache”, my 5th grader had these as his valentines:


My first grader gave out these inspired from Girl Loves Glam!


The mustaches are cut from FUZZY BLACK VINYL on my silhouette. You know how much I love that machine, right?


Oh and here is the “box” my 5th grader made for his valentine’s party – there was a contest in his class and the prize was a “Homework Pass”. He decided to build an electronic circuit on the inside that had a light sensor on it. When the box was opened to put a valentine in, the sensor triggered the music to play through the speaker. Ah, I love when he plays with circuits and electricity 😉

DSC_1584 DSC_1585

Hope you had a great day!

Ornament Exchange 2012

Last night was my neighborhood’s annual ornament exchange. It’s white elephant-ish without the tacky aspect. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I make my ornament. And true to form, I wait until the LAST possible minute. The boys got out of school yesterday and you all know how busy the last week has been! So, around 3:30 yesterday, I started on my ornament making! Once again, my Silhoutte saves the day…

I always try to do something that has to do with my neighborhood but this year I decided to do something about Austin. I really couldn’t top last year’s ornament (and I JUST realized I never posted it!!! WHAT? It is my favorite of all the ornaments I’ve made for this exchange and I can’t believe I didn’t post it yet!). I have wanted to make a Austin skyline ornament for a while.

So, here is 2011’s ornament:




That’s about it! Hope your holidays are going well. And that you find time to enjoy your time with family and friends!

QUICK Wedding Gift!

Two teachers at my boy’s school are getting married (to each other!) this Saturday. I just found out yesterday that there is a faculty shower for them today. No, I’m not faculty but I feel like I live there. I wanted to make them something to keep forever. And with the holidays coming up, I thought an ornament would be good.

And you all know how I love my Cameo! I started about an hour ago and while the photo isn’t great, the ornament looks lovely! THANK YOU Cameo for being so easy to do. I love glass etching too!


DSC_0622 (Small)

Hope all is well with you!

Teacher Time – Day 6

And here we are… our final day of Teacher Time 2012! TGIF, too! And 2 weeks of school under our belt in my house. (Of course, the routine isn't sticking quite yet but we're working on it!)

I'd like to thank Jennie for a fabulous blog share/hop/link for the past two weeks. Without her, I wouldn't have made anything!

Our last theme for Teacher Time is to incorporate a die cut somewhere in your project. Hmm, well. I don't think I use them that much anymore so I had to "cheat" and figure out what to do. I stood in my studio and did a 360 to see if anything jumped out at me to use. Aha! My accucut machine was calling to me. I had a custom die made a few years ago. It is a wine bottle tag or can be used for anything really. I like it and think it's useful (when used… ha ha ha). So, I grabbed it and made a quick tag to go on my project.

I got one of those metal square tins from the $1 spot at Target the other day. I filled it with some Bath & Body Works lotion (cotton breeze!), kleenex, CHOCOLATE, Advil, mints and some hand santizer. Just a quick thing for a teacher's desk. And of course, the tag to say THANK YOU!


DSC_1101tag closeup

Thanks so much for joining us for Teacher Time 2012. First go check out Jennie's wonderful creations and then get inspired and give your teachers a little something to brighten their day. Their job is hard and so important!

Happy Weekend!

stamps by Paper Smooches

Teacher Time – Day 5

HELLO! Day 5 of Teacher Time is here! 

First, my girl, Jennie has BIG NEWS TODAY! She's the guest designer for Paper Smooches this month. HOW COOL IS THAT? Way to go, Jennie!

In honor of her news, our theme today is Paper Smooches Day! Make anything with paper smooches stamps! Okay, go…

Well, I think little notes are important to have on hand. I find that my son's principal can really use these to brighten up a teacher's day. During the year, I try to give her a set here and there so she has some to pass out when she needs them.

I'm experimenting with business card size… I think it's a perfect little note size. So i made a bunch and packaged them with envelopes in groups of 6 cards. Just a little something to give out to some people at school.


You can write a quick note on the back, stick it in the envelope and you're good to go. Or just punch a hole through one and you've got a tag! I love this size of card!

Hope you are enjoying our teacher time this year. Only one more on Friday! But before then, head on over to see Jennie and also check out her work on the Paper Smooches Blog today! WOHOO!

All stamps by Paper Smooches

Teacher Time – Day 4

Happy Labor Day to all my USA friends & family! Happy last day of summer for so many of my mom friends and teachers! We are a week into school, as you know. And I'm hoping that our schedule firms up a bit and isn't NEARLY as painful as last week. First week always does ME in. The boys, however, love it. They love their teachers (as I do!) and they are happy to have a routine and see their friends.

So, it's day 4 of our Teacher Time fun. Jennie and I really are having fun showing you what we've made for our teachers. I am a little late to getting my posted today though. Our theme today is 3×3 cards. You know, as a gift set. I seem to have a problem and just can't do 1 of anything. I decided that my boy's special area teachers needed some love. They have different music, art, and p.e. teachers this year. So, yes, that's 6 more teachers! I love it though. And I can't imagine that my oldest will let me get away with this when he goes to middle school next year. So, I'm going to savor every last minute of it.

I did 6 sets of 4 cards each…




I just love 3×3 cards. They are really the perfect size. Don't forget to check out Jennie's fabulous creations. 

This project fits the CAS-ual Fridays challenge this week, too. How fun!


Stamps by Paper Smooches and Hero Arts
Neon ink (pink!) by Hero Arts
Cardstock by A Muse Artstamps (retired), Archivers (already cut in 3×3 with envelopes!)