Teacher Time! – Day 2

Day 2 of Teacher Time going on here… What is that, you ask? Well, it's where Jennie and I are blogging our teacher gifts.

Today's gift is similar to last year's first day survival kit (the original idea came from Lexi!) But this year, we made them for the whole school! Contents include a santizer wipe, Advil or Tylenol, a cool mint, and chocolate, of course.

Just the right amount of stuff "To Help You Get Through the First Day!"

DSC_0055 (Small)
DSC_0057 (Small)  See the flap?

DSC_0055 (Small)Love seeing them all lined up in the teacher's mailboxes!

I used my new accucut bon-bon die. It's a pinnovation so you print the words anywhere you want and the die will cut in the same place each time. TIME SAVER and most awesome!

Be sure to check out Jennie's blog for more teacher time!

See you tomorrow!


End of School Teacher Gifts!

My oldest has exactly 1 month left of school. I'm not sure who is more ready for summer, he or I. But first, teacher gifts. I've been collecting the "stuff" for teacher gifts for almost a month now. I knew what I wanted to make but I had to find all the stuff first. And I had to start early because I'm hoping to give 20 of these out this year. It's our last year at preschool and we'll miss many of the great teachers there and well, my son's elementary school is like my 2nd home.

So, here it is… it's a little summer package to wish the teachers a happy one:

DSC_1005 (Small)
The contents include: Margarita Mix (YEAH!), chocolate (Of course!), lip balm SPF 30, mango scented hand santizer, lotion, and sunscreen! Teachers work so hard – I hope they get some time this summer to just relax. Hardest thing to find was the Margarita Mix! Thank goodness for Spec's!

The container is made from another Accucut die, called bag & tuck close #2. It is the largest bag/box die I own. It is very tall and could hold a small bottle of something. I like that! 😉

Now that I have one done, the other 19 should be a breeze, right? Heh heh.

Have a great week!


Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!

Both boys played soccer this Spring. It was the first time our youngest, really got to do anything but be the tag-along. He really enjoyed it. And even scored a couple of goals last week! They are all so cute at the age.

My older son played when he was 5 (like his brother is now) but then stopped because he really didn't like it. Well, he wanted to try it again now that he's 8. And WOW, has his tune changed since he was 5. He loves it so much that he has taken it upon himself to regulate all his homework and chores and other activities just so he doesn't miss soccer practice. Wouldn't have guessed that 8 weeks ago. He's a different kid now. The whining about doing anything stopped. ??? Okay, I'll go with it.

So, this season of soccer ends today. And both have told me not to forget to sign them up for the Fall. Uh huh. Got it on my list of things to do, boys.

With the end comes coach's gifts. There are 5 coaches between the 2 boys. Team gift cards to the sporting goods store always make an easy and usable gift. But they have to presented in something, right?

DSC_0885 (Small)
Five gift cards means five cards and envelopes. Simple, simple, simple. And quick thanks to that Accucut die because it's a busy weekend!

Hope yours is a happy one!

images: retired a muse artstamps

Kid craft class!

Back in March, my son's elementary school had our Spring Carnival. This year, I helped out with the Silent Auction by soliciting faculty donations and also by assisting classes with making some "AWESOME" art to auction off. I say "AWESOME" because the kids did the art and it looks amazing!

In addition to that, I made a bunch of stuff to auction off: a school scrapbook (just fill in the photos!), an elementary school frame (place for wallet size photos of each year) with our school logo on it, various grade level collage posters, a mosaic of this year's student body, and even 2 card/craft classes taught by me. One of the classes was a kid class and we had it today, after school. It was so fun! The kids were awesome – LOVE how they are so creative and free spirited. When do adults become those "perfectionists" types? 

So, we made 4 things – a personalized chalkboard for notes, a mother's day present, a mother's day card and finally a teacher's gift. Can't show you the mother's day stuff yet because some of the receipants may be watching…

But here is the teacher's gift…

It's a matchbox with 5 Hershey's nuggets in it. We covered the nuggets with stamped address labels.

DSC_0895 (Small) DSC_0895 (Small)

The box is another Accucut die, called Matchbox #1. I used to make these by hand and cut and score everything. This is WAY easier. 😉 Cut and put together, lickety split.

We stamped the labels and the white cover with retired A Muse stamps.

Three of the girls in the class today are in the same class (which happens to be the same class as my son!). That teacher is going to get A LOT of chocolate :)!

Happy Weekend!

This didn’t turn out how I imagined.

I was going for a gift card holder type of card. I got that but not exactly what I envisioned. That ever happen to you? I like the end result but I was thinking it would be "more" girly somehow (It was the stamp set I chose). In fact, my youngest just walked in as I'm writing this and saw the photo and said "that's a *cute* card". So, now I *know* it's not girly.

DSC_0812 (Small) outside.

DSC_0812 (Small) inside.

I recently went to a SU! party that a friend had. I hadn't been to one since I was a demostrator a few years back. It was fun. But I certainly don't need any more stamp sets. I did get some paper… love some of those colors (not shown here ;)). Well, I got enough stuff to get a SAB set. I used one of those stamps on the front of my card. The inside has a pocket (to hold the gift card) and the birthday cake image on the insert is from Savvy Stamps, I think. To make such a quick pocket card, I used my A2 Card Pocket Die from Accucut.

That's it from here. Lots of crafting to be done as school is trying to wind down. Got the last parts to the teacher's gifts today. Maybe I can crank those out soon. Who. Am. I. Kidding?

Hope all is well with you.





The Oak Hill Fires & Our Teacher.

You may have seen this on the national news. Wildfires spread very close to home last Sunday. In fact many of my son's school community was affected. It is a sad, sad event. My son's 3rd grade teacher lives in that area. Her garden was lost by flying embers. Luckily, her husband saw the fire and caught it before it took their house. Had they evacuated (as they were supposed to), they would have lost their house. Anyway, our class loves our teacher and decided to get her some plants and new seeds to replant her garden. Some of us decided to get her a gift card to a local nursery (the Natural Gardener) because some of us (ME!) are not gardening types and wouldn't have the first clue as to what to get her that is in season, that she likes, that works in our climate, yadda yadda yadda. Now, being the paper crafter I am, I *had* to present the class gift card somehow, right? 🙂 Here it is… another Accucut die to make this card (card and envelope). I swear I do use my Accucut everyday. Well, everyday that I craft. The flower is the flower die (#28) I used the other day.

DSC_0821 (Small)

Glad that the fires are out. Thankful that no one lost their life. Thoughts are with those families that lost their homes and those that have so much to deal with. Be careful out there. It is mighty dry.

My favorite card size.

My favorite card size to make is little 3×3 gift enclosures. They are quick, fun, and most importantly the item I use the most, as far as cards go! Grab and go so to speak.

So, I love this size so much that I had a custom die made from Accucut to cut six 2.75×2.75 cards (with score lines) out of 8.5×11 sheet. I already had a 3×3 envelope die! Then, I thought it would be great to design a custom die that would be a box to hold 4 cards and 4 envelopes of this size. Accucut's custom die service is awesome. I've had quite a few dies made over the past couple of years. Now, I have all the stuff (we crafters are all about the stuff, right?) to make little boxes of gift enclosures. Sweet. Accucut also sells this heavy duty plastic that cuts nicely with the dies. That's what I used for the top.

DSC_0814 (Small) DSC_0814 (Small)








Now, the images are from Unity Stamp Company. The set is called Going Retro. The inside of each card says "Have a groovy day!" Aren't lava lamps cool?

Thanks for checking in. Hope you are having a great day!