Teacher Appreciation Week 2012

Hello? Anyone out there? Yeah, it's me. Maybe I should re-introduce myself, eh?

So, as many of you probably know and experienced, this past week was Teacher Appreciation Week. My boys are very fortunate to have awesome teachers this year. In fact, they are very blessed with all the teachers they have had.

One of the gifts that I made from the whole class is this dollar plant (one for each teacher). I've done something similar before and CASED the idea from Jenn a long time ago.


I used my Silhouette machine to cut all the flowers and letters. There are 21 kids in each class and 21 flowers. They actually spell something with the teacher's name in it. It's hard to read but you can see it if you look from the top!

The $1 bills are the leaves. Pots from Michaels.

DSC_0024 (Small)
Hope all is well in your world. Busy here, as I'm sure you are too. School is out in 2 1/2 weeks! YAY for summer vacation. I'm ready…



Teacher Time! – Day 4 (even though it’s day 5…)

OOPS. I'm a big loser. I didn't get around to posting yesterday. SORRY JENNIE! I'll make up for it. Today I'll post day 4 even though technically it is day 5. And I'll post day 5 by Tuesday (maybe even this weekend if I get my act together!). Be sure to check out Jennie's blog for our week of teacher time ideas! She's so clever!

Well, my day 4 project is really fun and I loved putting it together. I hope the teachers liked them. The are Survival Kits for their classrooms. I used these bead organizers from Michael's and filled them with all sorts of goodies. Used my Silhouette SD to cut the vinyl out!

DSC_0156 (Small)
DSC_0156 (Small)   DSC_0156 (Small) inside.

They include: highlighters, personalized pencils (with "from my son's name" on them from Oriental Trading), wipes, sanitizer, advil/tylenol, mints, cotton swabs, paper clips, binder clips, mini stapler with staples, bookmarks, liquid paper (does anyone use this anymore?), mini post-its, CHOCOLATE (of course!), pencil sharpener, band-aids, floss, and a Listerine pocket pac.

Fun, eh? I will be back with one more teacher gift sometime soon! Thanks for checking in!

Teacher Time! – Day 3

6 AM wake up calls are already getting old and it's only the 3rd day of school! WHEW. I'm sure it'll be better in a few weeks!

Day 3 of Teacher Time. Have you checked out Jennie's blog? She giving away a little something. Go check it out!

Here is my teacher gift for today. I really like how they turned out. I used my Silhouette SD machine to cut out the vinyl.

DSC_0122 (Small)

These are those great big hand sanitizer bottles from Sam's. With a little Goo Gone, the labels came off.

I hope the teachers (and the kids) like them!

Teacher Time! – Day 2

Day 2 of Teacher Time going on here… What is that, you ask? Well, it's where Jennie and I are blogging our teacher gifts.

Today's gift is similar to last year's first day survival kit (the original idea came from Lexi!) But this year, we made them for the whole school! Contents include a santizer wipe, Advil or Tylenol, a cool mint, and chocolate, of course.

Just the right amount of stuff "To Help You Get Through the First Day!"

DSC_0055 (Small)
DSC_0057 (Small)  See the flap?

DSC_0055 (Small)Love seeing them all lined up in the teacher's mailboxes!

I used my new accucut bon-bon die. It's a pinnovation so you print the words anywhere you want and the die will cut in the same place each time. TIME SAVER and most awesome!

Be sure to check out Jennie's blog for more teacher time!

See you tomorrow!

Teacher Time! – Day 1

Today was the first day of school around here! And MORE importantly, the first day of school for my youngest son. Wow, now I have a Kindergartener and a Fourth grader. Just can't believe it.

With the start of school brings teacher gifts. Not mandatory, of course but sure are fun. I LOVE making teacher gifts! Well, one of my best creative buddies, Jennie, also loves making teacher gifts. Last year, she and I and our friend Lori, did a Teacher Tag blog hop to showcase our teacher gifts for the start of school. Jennie asked me if I wanted to do it again this year. Well, YEAH. Of course, I do! I'm just a bit behind in the posting today due to that first day of school thing! 😉

Now, last night at 11pm (WHY can't I learn to do this earlier???), I decided both teachers needed a little "first day of school" gift. Quick and easy and hopefully cute and useful, too:

DSC_0061 (Small)

thank you cards

DSC_0061 (Small) 2 boxed sets of 8 cards & envelopes

Summer's over and it was a great summer at that. I love having my boys home. My husband got to take his sabbatical this summer (1 month off work) and we went to the USVI. It was wonderful. I wish we were still there. Sigh. School has started and with that comes all sorts of responsibilities.

But I'll have you know I didn't cry today. So what if I cried all weekend???  I didn't do it today. It wasn't about him starting Kinder. I LOVE his teacher. She was my oldest's K teacher, too. I LOVE our school. It's just that little guy won't be in the car riding around with me and keeping me company anymore. I'm sure I'll adjust to all of the free time but wow, what an adjustment!

Be sure to check out Jennie's blog and come back tomorrow, too. We're doing this teacher gift tag all week!

Stamps: Paper Smooches, A Muse (retired) tiny butterfly

A VIP, Jordan Knight, and Etch-a-sketch

Interesting title, eh? I'll explain. First, I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE my Silhouette machine. This was all done on that machine using their vinyl for a stencil.

I'm so very excited. I have been working on a surprise for my dear friend (the VIP) for a couple of days. No reason for it except that I wanted to try to make this and it sounded like fun. With the help of a long distance friend, Kathleen, I was able to put it all together last night. The VIP, Amy, is my neighbor so after I finished it, I had to deliver it. I'm sure she thought I was crazy for coming over at 9:30pm!

Anyway, Amy is the biggest NKOTB fan I know. She recently went on their crusie, went to the Dallas concert, and to the San Antonio concert. After the the Dallas concert, she had VIP tickets to the meet & greet, where she got to meet Jordan Knight. Photos were taken, of course. Well all great photos need a frame, right?

As I mentioned in a previous post where I said "Keep your glass away from me", I have been looking for stuff to glass etch! My son calls it etch-a-sketch! Why, I have no idea but it sounds cute.

Originally, I thought I'd just do a song title or something small and simple in the corner. Kathleen had sent me some of the lyrics from JK's solo song, Catch A Wave, that seemed fitting for such a photo. Lyrics seemed like too much lettering but after thinking about it for a while, I decided I've always wanted to try my hand at subway art! So, with the help of Kathleen and google :), I found some more words to put on there. You know what the hardest part of designing this was? FONT SELECTION.

So, here's what it looks like:

DSC_1141 (Small)

DSC_1141 (Small)close-up of etching

Finally, one thing I re-learned with this project. Etching creme GOES BAD. It gets old and it turns brown/gray rather than white/off-white. YUCK. I applied a bit of this and realized that it wasn't right. I was too scared to see if it would actually work so I scraped it off.
Here are some pics of the process:

IMAG0524 (Small) Vinyl all weeded out and placed on glass

IMAG0524 (Small) Etching creme applied to vinyl & glass

So, what do you think? I see lots of customized frames in my future. So easy to do! Although weeding out all those letters was a bit of a pita! But worth the effort!

Happy Wednesday!

You Rock! * 104 = A Lotta Stampin’ Going On

A dear friend of mine wanted to give some gifts out to some people she has worked with this past year. Card Sets seemed like a good choice for the gift. Everyone needs cards, right? "You Rock" seemed like the appropriate sentiment for both the receiver of these gifts and for those that they give out to others. Kind of a pay-it-forward type of thing (not only do you rock but you can give a card out to someone else that rocks! :))

She needed 13 sets. I like to give sets of 8 cards. Seems like the right number for a set of cards. Not sure why. 13*8=yep, you guessed it… a whole bunch of cards. So, since we ALL know that I'm so organized and get stuff done early (ha, ha, ha), I went with a design that was EASY to mass produce in a short amount of time. Fade in to Taylored Expressions: You're My Hero set. I needed a solid image set to make this work – i.e. No coloring in!

DSC_1000 (Small) 13 sets of A2 cards

DSC_1000 (Small) All packaged and ready to go!

All wrapped up in clear boxes (from clearbags.com). I hope she liked them and I hope that her friends liked them, too!

How's your week going? Count down is on… 2 weeks of preschool left and 4 weeks of regular school. I'm SO READY to have my boys out for the summer. If I'm done, I can only imagine what the teachers, staff, and KIDS are feeling like…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!