Teacher Time – Day 3

Today's theme for Teacher Time is a pack of thank you cards. Who doesn't like thank you cards? Oh, my boy's don't like to write them. We are still (STILL!) working on that. Anyway, it's day 3 of Teacher Time, where Jennie and I show you some of the fun stuff we've made for our teachers. She's smarter than I am, she keeps these gifts for later during the year and has them ready for whenever.  I can't do that. I make. Then I give. Immediately. Day of.  I'm horrible at keeping gifts for holidays or birthdays too. I want to always give them RIGHT away. 

My oldest started 5th grade this week. And he has 3 teachers that he switches between each day. They are trying to prep the kids for Middle School. MIDDLE.SCHOOL!!!! ACK. Anyway, so now I make 4 gifts just for the primary teachers (3 for him and 1 for the other). And this year, both my boys have DIFFERENT special area teachers… so that's 6 more. I haven't done anything for them yet. Soon…

My made 4 packs in a jiffy last night (because soccer started this week too! x 2 boys). I'm ready for summer vacation ;).  Jiffy will be my new word this year…


I thought the lady bugs were cute. They have diamond glaze/crystal effects on them to make them a bit 3-d and shiny.

Head on over to Jennie's blog and see what she's come up with for Teacher Time. Cute stuff!

We are going to do 3 more days of Teacher Time (M, W, F) of next week. See you then!

Stamps by Paper Smooches, lady bug retired from A Muse Artstamps


Teacher Time – Day 2

Back again for another installment of Teacher Time… you know stuff for Teachers! 🙂 Today's theme – CANDY. 

Well, originally when Jennie and I were planning this, our theme was supposed to incorporate the Target $ spot somehow. I kid you not… I spent 30 minutes there the other day and NOTHING inspired me. It's probably because I have a room full of stuff and I need to use it! Or maybe it's just that my stamping mojo is still on summer break? I don't know. Anyway, candy seemed like a doable theme to me. 

So, I dug around and found these cute little frosted glassine coffee bags in my stash. Hmm, when did I get those?  I had some left over dots cut out from a previous Silhouette Cameo project in various colors so I used those to enhance the bags. Filled them with chocolate! Then I stamped a tag and voila, done.


Who doesn't like chocolate?

Don't forget to see what Jennie did for today's teacher time. It's really cute!

Stop by on Friday for the next installment of teacher time 2012!

Stamps by Paper Smooches
Paper retired by A Muse Artstamps
Vinyl cut by Silhouette Cameo 

Teacher Time – Day 1

It's the first day of school again. My boys think the fact that Phineas & Ferb get 104 days and that we don't is pretty unfair. Usually, I'm ready for them to go back by this time of the summer but not this year. I just want to hang on to summer a little longer. So, my boys enter 5th and 1st grades today. SO weird. Seems unreal.

Anyway, as school starts, it means that my good friend, Jennie and I do our annual blog hop (is it hopping if there are only 2 of us? maybe it's blog sharing?) of Teacher specific cards and gifts.  We call it Teacher Time. 

For day 1, our focus was gift card holders…

This is Texas. It's still very hot outside. Around these parts, Amy's Ice Cream is pretty well known. It's my favorite, too!  So, I thought the teachers would like a little something cool and sweet to celebrate the start of school. 


I hope you enjoy are Teacher Time blog share :). Go give Jennie some love and see what she's up to.

stamps by Paper Smooches and Cornish Heritage Farms (Kim Hughes)
paper retired by A Muse Artstamps
baker's twine
SU! punch
Love Me Tape – school

Swim team ended…

Three weeks ago, in fact. My boys swim on the neighborhood swim team from May 1 to July 1-ish with some 350 other kids. It is an awesome experience and while they are not the best in this sport, they certainly have bettered themselves over last year. All I care about is that they get some exercise and they are comfortable in the water. They both are fish anyway, it seems.

We have 8 coaches for our team and they are wonderful. Our head coach happens to be a 4th grade teacher at the boy's school, so that makes it extra special. I can't believe how much time these coaches spend with all of us for swim team. It's pretty intense scheduling especially during May when school is still in session. Anyway, at the end of the season, I like to give them a "little" something just for taking the time to teach my boys. Something little like a Starbucks gift card or a Sonic gift card. This year Sonic won… hope they go during the happy hours and get CHEAP drinks! :) 

Here's the card that accompained said gift card:

  • DSC_0784 (Small)
  • DSC_0785 (Small)
DSC_0785 (Small)

Images are now retired and from A Muse Artstamps. I made 8 cards like this in a jiffy. Gotta love that. Why do I always wait until the last minute? 



DSC_0757Cancer, that is.

My dear, dear friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. 

The good news… she's a fighter and she's REALLY, REALLY strong. I have always admired her for her strength and determination. 

This paper smooches stamp set is perfect for her. And she likes pink, too. 🙂

The sentiment reminds of that movie (that I can't think of the name of right now) that says "You fight like a girl" and she says "I am a girl!". 

Happy Friday!


Sending a smile to camp…

SarahcardHow is it that July is more than half over? Summer is supposed to be my stamping season. Ha.

My oldest son's friend asked me to send her mail while she was away at camp a few weeks ago. Sounded like fun and I'm really working on trying to make cards AND send them. That always seems to be the issue.

My birthday was Tuesday and for my birthday, I decided I was going to clean up my studio. My studio has been buried for about a year under stuff. It has been the collect all for everything in our house. Last night, I actually started cleaning it out. I have 3 work surfaces in there and almost all three now have a space for working. Imagine that? Mind you, I've made stuff in the past year but it's been in a small work area that is usually on the floor or the dining room table. Sad. But now I've made progress. Just gotta keep it up. And find some stamping mojo somewhere too. 

Anyway, here is my card that I send her at camp. She was thrilled to get mail. Aren't we all? The card is orange and yellow and bright and happy. Get it? Happy. Not my greatest work but it made a 10 year-old smile. Mission accomplished.

Hopefully, more stuff coming soon. I really do have stuff to post. 

Stamps by Unity Stamp Co.