Silhouette, silhouette, how do I love thee…

My apologies for not posting since, uh, August, really? Wow, that's the longest I've gone without posting. I've been making stuff, I think. Who knows? Isn't it crazy how time is flying? My oldest said to me the other day… "Mom, this year is really flying by." WHAT? Kids are supposed to feel that way. I didn't that way when I was his age. 

Anyway, so back to crafting. Silhouette has this DIY advent box kit for sale and since I threw ours away last Holiday season because it was broken in many places (it was cute… from Pottery Barn, I think, with little doors and such – it lasted several years!), I was tempted to get it. However, I don't have a lot of time to get it done. But then I kept seeing how other crafters had made one and read about how Silhouette gives you all the box templates and everything is all there for you. Ok, sold. 

It came in Wednesday night before Thanksgiving! Perfect timing. Something to do during the holiday weekend! If I had to wait until next week, it would have been TOUGH to get it done by Thursday with the kid's school stuff getting in my crafting way!

The hardest part of making this… picking out my color scheme. I have boys. It has to be boy-ish. But I wanted it to look clean. I'm not a fan of red so the traditional red and green combo was out. I like blues. I typically lean towards snowflakes (ironic since I live in a 99.9% snowfree zone and don't like the cold). But they are pretty. In theory.

My color combo is Chocolate Brown, White, and Aqua/Teal/Turquoise-ish. 

Advent2011gns (Small)

Silhouette is SO awesome. They even provided the template to cut the back of each hole. See the blue in the back here:

Advent2011gnsback (Small)
While this project took a few hours, it wasn't hard at all. I used white vinyl for the numbers and then the snowflake stickers are from Hobby Lobby. They turquoise and silver and are puffy and sparkly.

I hope you like it! My boys do and best thing is it's done and ready for filling for December 1st! Have any suggestions for what to put in the boxes?

Have a great day! Hope your Thanksgiving was full of reflection and family and friends!