Holiday Crafts! Part 2 – Cub Scout Ornaments

Last year, my son made "tiger" cub scout ornaments. This year, he's a wolf. He wanted to give something to the kids in his den so he made wolf ornaments. Thank goodness, A Muse came out with a wolf stamp!

DSC_0554 copy (Small)
I thought he did a great job coloring (remember this is the boy that *hates* doing ART!). He put some Martha Stewart Snow Glitter under the wolf, too.

All stamps by A Muse Artstamps: (Wolf and Classic Number set; Copic Markers, MS Glitter, Silver Cord, Accucut tag dies


25 days of projects – day 22: Kid thank yous

Okay, so I *almost* cheated on this entry. I almost came here to say that today's entry is our Holiday Letter. Well, we did get that done… at 1:30am last night. But the cheating part is that it's part of our Holiday cards. Um, which I'm still working on. Thought I could get them all done today but I couldn't. I tried to get them done before the 5pm mail but since I missed it, I decided to switch gears and LET GO … it's okay that my cards won't be done today (or tomorrow probably!). It is okay, really (see how I'm trying to convince myself???). You know, most of my relatives that I send to in India don't celebrate Christmas (big surprise, eh?) AND they usually don't get it for 3 weeks anyway. So, what's one more day (or two) going to matter ;)…  Plus I think *most* of you aren't here reading blogs anymore and that you've started your celebrating! So, you won't mind either then… :D  Rationalize, rationalize…

DSC_0334 (Small)
In any case, trying to get ahead of the game, this project was a team effort: my eldest and I. We made his thank yous today. I *always* wanted to make these… the kind they fill in. My window of opportunity for these kind of thank yous probably has passed since I made him write full thank yous for his b'day in June. But nonetheless, I made this for him and he stamped them. I let him pick ANY stamp he wanted in the entire studio. ANY! He picked A Muse's simple snowflake. He was in a quick, let's get it done mode. Oh well.

As an aside, our school (as I'm sure most do) has a particular handwriting style they teach the kids. I've been working with my son to *improve* his handwriting and finally decided to (with the bookmarks the other day) to buy the font that they use at the school. I am *so* happy I did this. I used that font on these thank yous. I figure the more he sees, it the more it will sink in. Probably not surprising to you but I was a penmanship NUT when I was little. I practiced ALL of the time. Probably why I learned Calligraphy at such a young age and did so many wedding invitations and such. Just LOVED the way things look in handwriting. I often change my handwriting just because I get bored. It's a shame that we don't write things as much anymore.

Anyway… 3 more days. The excitement around here is so fun! How is it at your house?

25 days of projects – day 10: Cub scout scrapbook

Most of the craft ideas for this first year of cub scouts are made up by us parents. Sure, we have guidelines but we can pretty much do whatever we want with that idea. We do these as a group… so 10 SIX year-olds at 6pm. Get the picture? One somewhat exception to this free-format is that the boys are to make a scrapbook for their first year. It's not really the kind of scrapbook that us stampers/scrappers are all about but more of a book to keep some stuff in and maybe draw some pictures …maybe it's a more "traditional" type of scrapbook. DSC_2181_edited-1 (Small)

Did I mention that they have at most 15 minutes to do the craft? It's more like 10 but who's counting. <ME!> Well, I came up with a quick prototype and then they copied or did whatever they wanted for them based on that.

I bound the books ahead of time with my Rubicoil machine (come on, I got to break it out every once in a while and use up some coils!). The colors are orange and blue (ACK!). I had a really old alphabet and number set from sometime in the 1980s that I brought out for this. And an old random paw print stamp. The tiger is from A Muse. The boys all put their names on their books, too with the alphabet stamps.

The inside is acid free cardstock in multiple colors.

Easy. Done. 15 minutes or less, 10 six year-old boys.

Here is what my 6 year-old did for his. And all of this without me helping him. I was busy helping the other 9! LOL. But he's a "veteran" stamper now, right?
DSC_2180_edited-1 (Small) 

In other news, the snow is gone and we're supposed to have a *hard* freeze tonight. I always welcome the first hard freeze of the season, as long as we don't get trapped at home with icy roads (which is not supposed to happen tonight/tomorrow!). But hard freezes *usually* get rid of these pesky bugs… mosquitos, etc. and of course, MY FAVORITE… not… FIRE ANTS.

Stay warm.

Happy Thanksgiving!

DSC_0070 (Small)Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American family and friends! I am thankful for many things this year, including all of you that come visit me here. I wish you a safe and happy day doing whatever makes you happy.

My 6 year-old son decided to make some Thanksgiving cards ( I KNOW!!! – I'm so proud) the other day for his grandmothers, a far away aunt, and his eldest cousin! Didn't he do a great job?

Images and note cards by A Muse

Happy Halloween!!!

Dsc_2111_smallThis AWESOME card was made by my 6 year-old last night for his teacher. All I did was cut the CS. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? My how far he’s come!!! I’m so very proud.

I even let him use my Copics!

All images by A Muse.

I have my treats to show you but that will have to be this weekend. My goblins (aka known as Red Ninja and Mickey Mouse are itchy to go outside to start the Halloween pre-party!).

Happy Halloween. Stay safe!

It’s a Family Thing…

Today is our youngest niece’s FIRST birthday. We went to her party yesterday. My 6 year-old said to me on Friday evening that he wanted to make her a card. Not just that but he was going to give it to his aunt to keep for her (the 1 year old cousin) for when she’s bigger and can read. I thought that was pretty insightful of him! Anyway, so Saturday morning right before the party, we made cards (isn’t that when you make cards? 5 mins before you have to leave??!!!) Well, my 2 year-old son wanted to do make her one, too! And of course, then dad came in and saw and made his own! (THIS was so AWESOME!) Funny thing was I wasn’t going to make one… well I couldn’t have my 3 boys give her one and I not, now could I??? All this effort for a ONE year old… makes me smile!

My 6 year-old did it all himself … and he made it double-sided (hence the 2 pictures of it below!):


Then my 2 year-old… I had to help him a bit… but just a bit…


Here is my DH…  I just love the simplicity of it…


And here is mine:


How fun is this? I don’t know that it’ll ever happen again but it sure was fun! And all for the little princess who turns one!

Thanks for stopping by.



Transformers! In a hurry…

Transformers… more than meet the eyes!

Our nephew had his birthday party today. He turned FOUR the other day. Man, how fast these kids grow!

So, today’s birthday party… it was all about Transformers. We got him a couple of Transformers but then we needed to make a card. My 6 year old decided to make one too! I’m seeing a trend here people. Aren’t you? I started my card first and then he came in and said he wanted to make his cousin a card. O-KAY… and then he said, I’ll just use the same stamps you did Mom.

I thought to use the Robot kid from A Muse. That was my closest idea to a transformer and I literally had 7 minutes to get it done. I think my son’s card actually turned out better than mine — at least closer to the Transformer idea (see the helmet on his?). Hmmm. What do you think?
My card is on the left and my son’s is on the right.
Images and card stock by A Muse Artstamps;

Transformers… more than meet the eyes! Try getting that jingle outta your head…